Rental Equipment Sound & Light Decoration Location

Yes, it’s possible to rent Villa Royal or just a part of it.
We are a bit selective if it’s about rental for public events, but don’t hesitate to ask us.
There’s always a way to make it possible.
Villa Royal has also a indoor kids disco, presentation room and meeting room for rent.

Rental for your event at our location isn’t expensive. The more equipment you rent with us, the more you save on the rental of the location. Public events can be scheduled so it fit’s our agenda. So it’s also possible to throw up a huge party in the weekends.
Private parties or celebrations can be held in our front garden, every day of the week. Or from Sunday till Thursday at our square.

If you want to know how to get your party started at Villa Royal,
Just contact us:
Tel/app: +5999 5172610 (English and Dutch only)
Tel: +5999 5287775 (English, Dutch, Papiamento, EspaƱol).

Villa Royal offers the right equipment you need for any kind of event.
We got Bouncers, Generators, Tents, Mobile bars, Chairs and tables, cutlery, tableware, LED Lounge furniture, Standing tables, Cocktail tables, Sound & Lights, decoration and many more!