Business Events Meetings Presentations

Your Business at Villa Royal

VILLA ROYAL is the perfect place to do your business meeting.
You can do your meeting or presentation indoor or outdoor!

In the meeting room you can use our white screen and beamer, to easily do your presentation. There’s also a microphone and sound system to use and the room has two airco’s installed.
The room big enough for 40 people to sit down or 75 people to stand.
We got chairs and tables available to give your visitors the comfort they need!

If you have a big business event coming up, then our square will fit perfectly. Outdoor business events are getting more popular every day!
The bar we have is big enough for serving drinks and food under one roof. There’s also enough space to build some stands on the square, or set up tents in case of rainy weather or protect your guests against the sun.

For business events we have some special deals to offer.
It’s possible to rent the square or meeting room with all needed equipment included.
But you will have to take care of your own drinks and food, decoration, employees and so on.


Villa Royal can also take care of everything. It’s easier for your business and you will safe a lot of time.
If you want to know about the exact pricing of our deals then you can make an appointment with us. 

Feel free to Call/App us +5999 5172610 (Dutch or English)
Tel: +5999 5287775 (English, Dutch, Papiamenro, Español).
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